Church Ministries





Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry consists of volunteers and has as its purpose, the feeding of God's People.  This ministry is called into action for church-sanctioned fellowship dinners.  The duties of the Culinary Ministry include: preparing menus for the fellowship dinners, shopping for the food, serving the food, and cleaning the kitchen.

Meetings are called as necessary.





Deacons & Deaconess

The following shall be the dress code for all Deacons: First Sunday in October thru the First Sunday in March- Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie and Black Shoes.

First Sunday in April thru the First Sunday in September- White Suit, White Shirt, White Shoes, Burgundy Tie, Socks, and Handkerchief.

The following shall be the dress code for the Deaconess: First Sunday in October thru First Sunday in March- White Suit, White Shirt, White Shoes and White Shoes.

First Sunday in April thru the First Sunday in September- White Suit, White Shirt, White Shoes, Burgundy Tie and Socks.

Meetings are held when needed.



Forever Young Senior Adult Ministry


Mission To promote Christian fellowship that encourages spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical well being

Goals: To provide structured and unstructured opportunities for interacting with the community at large and with other Church ministries

      Promote activities and programs that are designed to utilize gifts, knowledge and skills

      Identify and promote activities that allow them to be active and productive contributors to their environment

      Provide opportunities for learning, sharing and practicing activities that both encourage and enhance health awareness, maintenance and management




Health Services Ministry

The Nurses Unit consists of our church members who are available to assist in the medical realm.  The are trained for emergency procedures and are on duty each Sunday, for special programs, and funeral services.  There is always need for additional persons to serve on the Nurses Unit.

Meetings are held when needed.





Hospitality Ministry


The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for welcoming all visitors and friends during Sunday morning service.  Hospitality Ministry members are also responsible for responding the the welcome whenever the Pastor and congregation go to another church.  This ministry orders flowers for members of the church who have been hospitalized, therefore, it is important to inform the Hospitality Ministry of all church members that are, or have been hospitalized.

Meetings are held when needed.





Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry is responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the Little Ark Baptist Church.  They work with the youth, provide spiritual and moral support to the seniors, and provide transportation for church activities.





Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry reaches out to members of the church amid the broader community to be a witness for Christ through service.  The Missionary Ministry visits the sick and shut-in, and regularly calls those who are unable to attend church for reasons of health.  Regular visits are made to the local nursing home to carry God's love to the residents, through prayer, bible reading, and the sharing of audio and video tapes of the services at Little Ark.




Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is responsible for providing the music for the Sunday worship serves, the yearly rally, and the yearly revival services.  This department is also responsible for providing a musical group to accompany the Pastor when he visits another church.  There are seven groups in the Music Ministry:







New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry extends a heartfelt welcome to those persons who have decided to become a part of the Little Ark Baptist Church Family.  This welcome includes an orientation session, which provides information about each church organization and auxiliary, which the new member can choose to become a part.  The New Members Ministry also host a Meet and Greet Fellowship to introduce new members to the entire Church Family.  This fellowship is held quarterly when new saints have joined the Little Ark Baptist Church.






Pastor's Aide Ministry

The purpose of the Pastor's Aide Ministry is to provide supplementary support to the Pastor and his family.  The goal is to show appreciation to the pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance in the Church.  Gifts, monetary or non-monetary, are given on such occasions as birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc.  Membership is open to anyone who wishes to participate.


Meetings are held once a month on the Tuesday following the second Sunday at 6:30 p.m.





Food Bank Ministry

The Food Bank Ministry mission is to demonstrate the goodness of God through providing to needy families perishable and non-perishable food items.  Demonstrating that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Meetings are once a month.





Sunday School

Sunday School is held each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. for the youth and adults.  The Nursery classis for youth ages 8 and under; Juniors are ages 6-12; and teens are ages 13-18.


The purpose of  Sunday School is to provide Spiritual enrichment through teachings of the Scriptures and its application in our lives and our responsibilities as Christians.  The Sunday School will present at least, but not limited to, two programs annually (Christmas and Easter).






Trustee's Ministry

 The Trustee's Ministry mission is to manage, maintain, pray for and support the financial and physical properties of the Little Ark Baptist Church, through the power, guidance and dependency on the Holy Spirit through prayer and worship.  Being committed to this mission, we will incorporate the vision and foresight of the pastor to better serve the congregation and ministries by our responsiveness to the needs of the members, building, grounds and finances of this church.



Usher's Ministry

The Little Ark Baptist Church Usher's Ministry is a group of Christians of all ages who are dedicated to give their time and service as doorkeepers (ushers) in this House of God.


The purpose of the ushers is to assist in preparing the congregation to receive the Word of God by greeting the worshippers with a warm pleasant smile while welcoming and directing them to comfortable seats.  Ushers are servants of God in that they give themselves to the church and serve to make the church service better.


Ushers are on duty each Sunday throughout the year, special services, homecoming services, and whenever requested to accompany the Pastor.  The ushers meet on a quarterly basis and observe their annual day on the third Sunday in September at 3:00 p.m.


The Little Ark Ushers ministry is affiliated with District #3 of the Interdenominational Church Ushers Association of Virginia which is a part of the National United Church Ushers Association of America.





Youth Ministry

Mission: Guiding teens to have personal relationship with Christ, committed to reaching other teens.

Goals: Building relationships with God by developing devotional life founded in prayer and bible study.

      Cultivate active daily devotion.

      Identify and develop spiritual gifts and personal talents for use in Church.

      Prepare teens to navigate through life experiences, responsibilities, cultural changes, and family accountability.

Please call the Church Office if you have any questions concerning the Church Ministries.